SAF X Instrumentation Products

Digital Test & Measuring Equipment

multi-meter, clampmeters, insulation & conductivity testers, anemometers, tachometers, vibration meters, pH meters, thickness and hardness meters, sound and lux meters, TDS meters, crankshaft deflection guages, torque wrenches, solenoid valves, flowmeters – torque wrenches, flow meters, crankshaft defl, vernias, levels and more


Temperature Instruments

Pipe and digital thermometers, pyrometers, wall thermos, wet & dry, max-min, digital, infra-red, RTD’s, temperature calibrators, thermocouple, humidity, hygrometers, barometers.

Pressure Instruments

Gauges, switches, transmitters, pressure calibrators, relief valves, peak pressure indicators, needle valves, diaphragm seal with fittings and accessories

Gas Monitoring Equipment

Drager, GMI, Riken Keiki, MSA & Hanwei