Source & Import

Sourcing and importing of a broad spectrum of spares for shipping, rail, road, general industry and government departments.


On-board Vessel Quantity Surveys (ROB)

Safx can provide on board vessel quantity survey ROB.  Our expertise and integrity will greatly assist you in obtain the correct quantity of fuel HFO, LSFO, MGO, MDO and sludge on board your owned/chartered vessel. The findings will be reported in a comprehensive report together with collected data from engine room logbooks.

Sample of Survey Report

Sample of Supporting Documents


Supply & Manufacture

We fabricate, manufacture and supply a wide range of spares for the rail, shipping and general industry.


Calibrate & Certify (traceable to SANAS standards where applicable)


Pressure gauges, switches, transmitters, pressure calibrators

Barometers and hygrometers

Gas monitors – Draeger, GMI, Riken Keiki, MSA, Crowcon, RAE Systems, Honeywell

Breathing apparatus and escape sets (EBDs)


Ullage testers (UTI)

Sound & light meters

Multi meters, insulation, ammeters, voltmeters, watt meters

pH meters

Verniers, dial gauges, elcometers (thickness/hardness)

Torque wrenches and more